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Choosing your Engagement Ring

Whether you're choosing a ring together or choosing it for your bride to be, it can be exciting, yet a little scary. With so many engagement ring designs available it can be hard to find the perfect one. However, by following our few tips, you can make the process a lot simpler. You will undoubtedly want the value of the ring to equate to the value of your love, but that would realistically cost a bit too much. You've probably heard all sorts of clichés about how much you should pay for a diamond engagement ring, but it's important not to let them affect your purchase. Buy a ring that suits your budget and make sure you stick to it.

If you plan on surprising your girlfriend with a romantic proposal and a stunning ring, then you should consider taking a look at her existing jewellery collection. Does she own any yellow gold or is she more of a white gold type of person? Think about the designs – are they simple yet elegant or have intricate detail? Your fiancée will likely be wearing the engagement ring for the rest of her life, so it is often best to opt for strong and resistant precious stones, such as diamonds, ruby, sapphires and emerald.

However, if you're worried about getting the right ring for your girl, then you can always go to the jeweller together and let her pick her own engagement ring. While she might not have the ring on the day of the proposal, she will have a ring that she will truly adore forever.

At Read's Gallery we have a selection of beautiful engagement rings and we can provide you with support and advice every step of the way when you choose your engagement ring. Through our exceptional and specialized make-up design service we can also help you build your own engagement ring to suit your needs.

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